Details for P/T Swim Exploration
20550-02 (Aquatics)

Ages: 6 months to under 4 years
Open to These Grades: N/A
Come and explore the water with your infant or toddler! This class, with a participating adult in-water, is designed to facilitate familiarity with the water and build comfort. Instructors will act as facilitators and coordinate both structured and unstructured activities to promote water exploration. The child/parent ratio must be one to one.

Elements that are used to determine advancement to next level:
Listens to Instructor
Kick on front and back with assistance
Sits on wall when told
Sits on wall to get into water
Arm movements
Introduction to back and front floats
Blows bubble
Can put face in the water
Jumps into water with help
Feels comfortable with an Instructor

Registration will close 3 days prior to the start of the class. No refunds or make-ups will be given for missed or forgotten classes.
All Participants who are waitlisted do not attend class until they receive a phone call from the Assistant Aquatics Manager, the Swim Lessons Coordinator, or receive an email from the Registration Office that they have been pulled from the waitlist.
Please bring your registration confirmation to the first class.

This class is with adult