Details for BBall Coed 2nd Grade
19638-01 (Sports & Athletics)

Ages: All Ages
Open to These Grades: 2nd - 2nd
Players will learn the fundamentals and rules of basketball while playing in this fun, recreational league. Each team will practice 11 times and play 8 games. Practices will be for 1 hour on a consistent weeknight, between Monday and Thursday (either at BCC or a local school), and games will be Saturdays (1st grade - morning, 2nd grade - afternoon). No officials are used. This allow coaches to better instruct their players and teach the rules of the game. Each player will receive a game T-shirt and a participation medal .

Players are registered for the grade the player will be attending during the playing season. Due to the size and nature of the program, we cannot accept coach, player, friendship, practice time or carpool requests. To register please complete the youth basketball registration form. A maximum of 10 players will be placed on each team.
Coaches Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 15, at 5:30PM at BCC. If selected to coach, you will be contacted via email.
Required equipment: Please bring a basketball to every practice (Junior size - 27")
Players should wear black shorts and sneakers/tennis shoes to prevent injuries. Jewelry cannot be worn during practices or games.

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